About Us

Loh Torng Hardware Machine Co., Ltd. started the business back in 1989 as a screwdriver bit & hex key manufacturer. Since then, we have expanded our product range & evolved to professional power tool accessories & hand tools production.

From the beginning of 1989, we built our reputation as being a high-quality product provider with excellent value.

We have experiences in working with some major industrial/professional brands all around the world.

Since 2010, we started to build our own private brand & market the products in certain regions.



We have Tools for Machinery, Automotive, Electricians, Construction & Precision Equipments.

● Screwdriver driver bits & bit holders
● Hex & star key sets
● Tap & die wrench sets
● Screwdrivers & precision screwdrivers
● Ratchet spanners
● Hand sockets / impact sockets

Global Expertise

With many years’ experience in the industry, we could also be an excellent market advisor when needed.

Even comes to the OEM/ODM projects, based on our understanding of industry standard, technical aspects and product engineerings, we are happy to share them with our partners.

Maintaining Rigorous Standards
Certifications & Quality Standard

Certi cations & quality standard

Loh Torng Hardware Machine Co., Ltd. has passed rigorous tests and audits relating to production, supply-chain, and other realms


Machinary & Processing

● Automatic warehouse system
● Forging machinery for special non-slip driver bits
● Screwdriver bit processing lathes
● Milling machinery for screwdriver bits/ hex keys
● CNC socket lathe machinery (both CR-V & CR-MO sockets)
● CNC grinding machinary
● Laser etching machinary
● Stamping machinery
● Hydraulic press machinery